Advantages to Equipment & Machinery Loans

Machine tool equipment loans through Tech Financial Services, A Five Lakes Company, offer numerous advantages over other financing options. The whole idea behind equipment acquisition is business growth. Tech Financial Services can help you expand and meet your ongoing business objectives. Below are a few of the benefits you can enjoy from purchasing your next piece of equipment and machinery through a TFS loan.

Own the Machinery and Equipment

The outright purchase of equipment and machinery through a loan can be a boost to the asset holdings of your company. This can be beneficial to your overall business strategy if there is a low obsolescence factor in the equipment and machinery your manufacturing facility requires.

Regardless of the current interest rate environment, we have a financing solution to help you acquire the equipment and machinery your business needs for growth.

Tax Deductions

There are two ways using a loan to purchase the equipment and machinery your business needs can be beneficial at tax time. For instance, the IRS allows for a deduction of the loan payment interest to be deducted. You can also deduct depreciation according to the IRS depreciation schedule.

Structured Payments

Manage your finances with a loan that matches a payment structure to your business’s cash flow. Predictable monthly payments though a Tech Financial Loan equipment financing solution can help your business be more productive and profitable.

1 Loan – Multiple Machines

When you lease more than one piece of equipment or machinery you are often required to submit multiple applications as well as keep track of multiple payments. We can structure a loan that allows for packaging multiple pieces of equipment together. Packaging multiple pieces of machinery together simplifies the process and the payment schedule.

Fixed Terms and Interest Rates

A fixed rate loan with set terms helps you better manage your assets and liabilities and know your future cash flow requirements over an agreed amount of time with no surprises.

Build Your Credit Rating

Loans improve credit ratings with timely payments and a successful completion to the loan. With a high credit rating your business has buying power for future expenditures that might have previously been out of reach.

Reduces Cost of Inflation

Leasing allows you to buy Machine Tool Equipment now before inflation drives up the cost. You can enjoy using the equipment now and paying for it with tomorrow’s inflated dollar.


At Tech Financial Services we understand your need for a quick response from your lender in order to allow you to quickly respond to new opportunities with less red tape and documentation. Loans can be approved quickly depending on your unique situation, allowing you to have your equipment in place much faster.

* Please discuss these strategies with your accountant.

Tech Financial LLC has provided equipment loans to thousands of businesses across hundreds of industries. We offer multiple types of business financing and loan options so you can build a better business and gain that competitive edge. We are experts at evaluating your needs, to custom-tailor a financing program that works for you! Our advisers consult with you directly to structure a financing program best suited for your business requirements and challenges. We can structure creative equipment and machinery financing can help turn those challenges into opportunities.

Is Purchasing Right For Your Company?

Purchasing equipment and machinery through a loan instead of a lease might be the right financial decision for your business. For example, if the equipment is expected to have a long productive life and can operate without needing a replacement or upgrade then purchasing through a loan might be the best solution.

By choosing a loan, your company can have the ability to utilize the purchased equipment right away, while spreading loan payments over the life of the asset. You can generate income from the equipment, gain equity, and have an opportunity to pay the loan off sooner.

Capital Equipment and Machinery Loan Benefits

  • Interest Tax Write Off
  • Increased Business Asset Book Value
  • Equipment and Machinery Depreciation Tax Deduction
  • Keep Existing Credit Lines Open for Expenses
  • Preserve Cash on Hand

Several Loan Financing Rates We Offer

When purchasing new or used equipment and machinery, not all clients’ needs are the same. For this reason, we offer two types of capital financing which gives our clients creative financing solutions. We know that financing equipment and machinery can get complicated; therefore we offer several options to ensure we are a financial partner and resource to our clients. A Tech Financial Services advisor can discuss term rates, size, and duration while assessing your capital financing needs.

Low Loan Rates Are Not All You Should Consider

Finding the best rate is only part of financing a purchase. You need to be very careful about hidden fees and unfavorable terms in the contract. We can compare the equipment lease or loan you are considering to ours to make sure you are making the right financial decision for your individual business needs.

* Please discuss all potential contracts with your accountant / attorney.

Financing Specialists

Tech Financial Services, a division of Five Lakes Financial Inc, is the industry leader in capital equipment financing loans because we recognize the complexities and competitiveness of today’s equipment financing loan market. Our team of advisor’s have a reputation for excellence while making the loan process efficient and customized to the individual equipment and machinery loan needs of our clients.

Equipment and Machinery Loan Benefits of Tech Financial Services

  • Competitive Loan Rates
  • Simplicity of Applying for a Equipment and Machinery Loan
  • Fast Loan Approvals & Funding
  • Fair & Honest Loan Terms
  • Machinery Loan Experts
  • 30 + Years of Machinery and Equipment Loan Experience